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adProperty News For June 2011

Spread coolness and space
Source : The Hindu Published On : 2011-06-04 City : Kochi

We feel stuffy and suffocating in small rooms in south India, while the larger spaces with many windows are relaxing and soothing. Contrastingly, up north in Kulu-Manali, a large space can be freezing and debilitating, and people would rather get locked up in small, warm rooms. Just a matter of how our activity spaces are located, either as an interconnected open plan or a plan with compact and enclosed rooms.

Most South Indian homes of the past were fairly open in the floor plan, irrespective of the size of the house.

Only the kitchen and puja room were proper rooms. Some houses would have had proper bedrooms, the rest of the house being open halls with column support for the roof....

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Bring home the cleaning professionals
Source : The Hindu Published On : 2011-06-04 City : Kochi

Bring Home the Cleaning Professionals

Every family loves to keep its house spick and span. Unfortunately, the fast modern life leaves little time for cleaning, putting many in a predicament.

Despite the availability of machines to keep rooms free of dust and dirt, working couples find doing household chores cumbersome. Engaging domestic helps to clean the house daily or once a week seldom leave them satisfied. Hiring labourers to clean houses is easier said than done at a time when every industry is facing a shortage of semi-skilled workers....

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Title insurance and real estate scene
Source : The Hindu Published On : 2011-06-04 City : Kochi

Title Insurance and Real Estate Scene

The demand for property is elastic in nature, and companies invest in locations that give them the cost advantage. However, title insurance can boost the demand for purchase of the property. The promise that the property has a clear title and is free of risk will elevate its status as an investment.

Title insurance can help customers be aware of, and change their perception of, property matters. This is an important and dependent variable for many real-estate transactions. While title experts assist consumers in decision-making; it is a smooth deal for real-estate players.

Agricultural land or suburban areas are now engulfed by the city. That poses potential risks of ownership....

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Wait for a regulator for real estate sector
Source : The Hindu Published On : 2011-06-04 City : Kochi

Wait for a Regulator for Real Estate Sector

The situation that investors find themselves in after promoters of Apple A Day Properties based in Kochi took them for a ride highlights the need to have a real-estate regulator to save unsuspecting customers.

The scandal unravelled as hundreds of people who had booked property took their complaints to the police....

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It’s happening up north
Source : The Hindu Published On : 2011-06-11 City : Chennai

It’s Happening up North

North Chennai, long derided as congested and unfashionable, is getting a makeover in residential spaces. Prince Frederick reports

Drawing a distinction between North Chennai and the rest of the city was once easy. Not any more. North Chennai is beginning to shake off the unflattering epithets —underdeveloped, overpopulated, unsophisticated — that people once used to describe it.

Today, the cramped houses, once typical of north Chennai, are being demolished to make way for swanky new ones. Every other day, a top-of-the-line lifestyle brand is setting up shop here. The most significant of the changes, however, is the slew of gated communities coming up ....

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