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Familiarize yourself with the city and area where you desire to live. Buy a city map or community guidebook. You can contact the local Chamber of Commerce to obtain information on where to obtain these. Decide if you want a rental house, rental room or a small apartment rental.
Decide on a primary and secondary area or neighborhood and type of rental home.
Before you start looking, know when you are going to move and when your current lease expires.
Determine a rent range that is within your budget for your rental house or rental home.
Today's homes for rent may be gone tomorrow. When you find a rental home you like, contact the owner or property manager immediately and be prepared to put down a deposit.
The Lease or Rental Agreement
Be sure to read the entire document and understand it before you sign it. Ask any questions about things not addressed therein and be sure to take a copy home with you.
Know when the rent is due and when a penalty for late payment is imposed.
Make sure there is a definitive move-in date stated on the lease and that you or the landlord has arranged for the utilities to be on at that time.
Obtain a list of phone numbers to access the landlord, including emergency numbers.
Prior to your occupancy, go room to room and record any and all deficiencies and conditions that exist. (A form may be provided by your landlord for this purpose, and he or she may wish to perform this inspection with you.) If you have a camera, take photos of all the rooms and of the exterior as they existed before your occupancy and keep them with your lease. Be as picky as you want to be - it's for your protection, and you will be glad you did this when it is time to get your deposit back. Be sure to note:
  • Stains and/or any type of blemishes or excessive wear in carpets,
  • Scratches in countertops and vinyl flooring,
  • Cracks in windows, cut window ropes,
  • Holes in walls (larger than those created by standard picture hangers),
  • Stains, discoloration, or chips in any tubs or sinks,
  • Anything that appears to be stained, broken, torn, scratched, dented, discolored, or considerably wrong).
Make sure you understand how the lease renews, if there is a month-to-month option and if there are any rent increases.
Be sure you know and understand the provisions governing the return of your security deposit.
Make sure there is a definitive agreement covering any alterations you may have in mind, for example:
  • Replacing an old light fixture with a ceiling fan/light,
  • Painting or hanging wallpaper,
  • Installing a fence (possibly splitting the cost with the landlord?)
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